Can I wear sequins?

Movie stars, models and celebrities wear sequins but can a ‘real-life’ woman? Can I wear sequins?

{Betty Grable and her spangly sequined dress, 1940’s}

Yes, you as a ‘real-life’ woman can wear sequins but like any other trend you must style them right, otherwise you’ll come off looking cheap not chic.

{Dolly Parton in June 2007 arriving at the 38 Annual Songwriters Hall of Fame Ceremony}

Over styled sequins look ridiculous on anyone — accept maybe Dolly Parton.
But when done right these glittery embellishments can add sparkle and shine to any outfit.

{3.1 Phillip Lim Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear Collection,


So when wearing sequins you always want to keep your look classy, sophisticated and age appropriate.

Here are three tips to remember when wearing sequins:

1. Keep it simple. Sequins stand on their own.
Pair a sequin dress with a bare leg or black tights and a fierce platform sandal or black peep-toe shoe. Pair a sequin top with jeans, a blazer and flats.
Keep accessories to a bare minimum; no bold jewellery or no jewellery at all.
Keep makeup toned down too. A natural look is better; no bright lips or strong eye color.

{this oversized sequin Sandro’s sweater is paired with ankle boots and a studded satchel for a subtle but stand out look , $182,}

2. Wear sequins as a statement piece(s) or as an accent piece but never as both.

{this Alice+Olivia sequined tube dress makes a sparkling statement, $219,}

{these Miu Miu silver and crystal embellished brogues make a glittering footwear statement, $585,}

3. Avoid multi-coloured sequins. Keep your sequins limited to one colour palette and pair them with neutrals like black, gray or cream. This will keep your look visually appealing and chic.

{the silver sequined Balmain distressed top is the only silver piece in this luxe rock-and-roll ensemble, $1,532,}

Sequins are indeed a ‘real-life’ woman friendly trend. They can be worn for dressy and casual occasions, day or night. They can be worn all-over as a shimmering tank, sequin dress, skirt or pant. They can sparkle in your hand or on your feet. But no matter how you choose to wear them always remember this:

  • sequins must always be simply done and never be over-done.

So can you wear sequins?


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