On the streets of Toronto…

Ashley Rose

IMG_3869 copy_edited-1 copyPhoto Credit: Janeen Joyce (aka LadyJ)

If you think that a little black dress can only go out in the evening, think again.

IMG_3849 copyPhoto Credit: Janeen Joyce (aka LadyJ)

Voilà! Say good morning to this LBD–
chic and easy to wear…
it caught my eye and lens!

IMG_3848 copy  Photo Credit: Janeen Joyce (aka LadyJ)

As did the lovely Ms. Ashley~

love this ‘real-life’ style moment?

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nonchalant sexy style

In summer, the song sings itself.
~William Carlos Williams, American Poet and Pediatrician

Sartorialist_Stella McCartney Resort 2015_Jun 6_14
{Stella McCartney Resort ’15 | June 6, 2014}
{photo via The Sartorialist}

Summer is finally here and like Stella McCartney, who offered reporters lavender margaritas before waxing eloquently over her new Resort Collection; summer does the same.

Stella_McCartney_028_1366.450x675_Resort 2015{Stella McCartney Resort  2015 via style.com}
{Photo: Courtesy Of Stella McCartney}

It always seems to have an uncanny knack for serving up delicious cocktails of nonchalant sexy style and one of my favourites this year…
print dresses with side cutouts.

And yes, Stella McCartney’s nonchalant patchwork print dresses with sexy side cutouts do make me swoon…

Club Monaco Rosan Dress_Summer 2014
{Club Monaco Rosan Dress, US $229}

but so does the alluring and much more affordable Club Monaco Rosan Dress.

Club Monaco Rosan Dress_Summer 2014 #2Club Monaco Rosan Dress_Summer 2014 #3
{Our feminine Rosan dress is the perfect balance of fashion-forward print and enduring elegance. Cutout sides add an unexpected touch. ~Club Monaco}

In summer, the song sings itself…
and one of my favourite summer style melodies…
is nonchalant sexy style~

What’s your favourite summer style melody?

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Sunday stroll

Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes.
~ Joseph Roux, French Clergyman,  Poet and Philologist

Inslee_ out-of-office-INSLEE

Image Copyright © Inslee Haynes

{Out of Office BY INSLEE}

Who doesn’t love a stylish Sunday stroll?

For me, it’s one of life’s simple pleasures…
elegant poetry in motion~

What about for you?

Let’s chit chat…

Happy Sunday strolling!~ xo

sketch – Out of Office by INSLEE via The Sketchbook

white lace

Fact: A lady can never have enough lace. Another fact: white lace is not always bridal.
~ dolcegabbana.com

It’s another cool, rainy afternoon here in Toronto and my mind wanders to a more charming place–to a quaint, sunny Sicilian lemon grove…
where Dolce & Gabbana’s white on white  meets romance…
and lace encounters the scent of sweet-smelling lemon.

{Dolce and Gabbana | Legions of Lace Collection}

dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014-womenswear-macrame-lace-dress#3{WHITE LACE | Do not fear, white lace is not a mono occasion look.
There’s nothing bridal here.}

dolce-and-gabbana-fw-2014_lace dress #1{CLASSIC SHIFT | A long sleeved white lace shift dress is in line with the Dolce&Gabbana DNA. US$2,245 }

{WHITE ON WHITE | Brocade and lace are a timeless match
made in heaven.}

And I am smitten by the pure gorgeousness of D&G’s white on white, but not by their extravagant price tag.
So here are a few budget-loving lace options worth flirting with.

Lace_Club Monaco Edan Lace Dress{Club Monaco Edan Lace Dress, US$298}

Lace_Banana Republic Eyelet Dress
{Banana Republic Eyelet Fit-and-Flare Dress, US$150}

Lace_Banana Republic Eyelet Sift Dress Dress_Jamie Chung
{Actress Jamie Chung wearing Banana Republic Eyelet Shift, US$130}

Bright and fresh, white lace is not always bridal but it is always feminine…
and very appealing~

Do you love white lace?

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Dolce & Gabbana photos and quotes via dolcegabbana.com


Happy Mother’s Day

My mom is literally a part of me. You can’t say that about many people except relatives, and organ donors.
~Carrie Latet, 2006

I adore this photo of the stylish mother-daughter duo Jane Birkin and Lou Doillon!

Mother's Day_jane-birkin-lou-doillon-bruce-web_at fence
{Goofing around | Glamour December 2011}
{Jane Birkin and daughter Lou Doillon}
{Photograph by Bruce Weber}

It cleverly shows how a mom  is literally a part of her child
by a shared style sensibility–tomboyish and effortlessly chic…
and figuratively by giving her wings to fly on~

Do you feel your mom is literally a part of you?

Let’s chit chat…

Sending warm + stylish Happy Mother’s Day wishes out to all~ xo

On the streets of Toronto…

K. Isabelle

IMG_3918_edited-1 copy_edited-1Photo Credit: Janeen Joyce (aka LadyJ)

Honestly, it is still so cool here in Toronto…
even the spring flowers are refusing to open.

IMG_4101_edited-1Daffodils –  photo taken 08/05/14
Photo Credit: Janeen Joyce (aka LadyJ)

But by the afternoon the warmth of the May sun tricks wishful Torontonians into “believing” spring is here…
and, unlike the flowers, we willingly open our coats~

IMG_3912_edited-1 copy_edited-1Photo Credit: Janeen Joyce (aka LadyJ)

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Adidas Superstar 2.0

What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.
~ Karl Lagerfeld, Fashion Designer

When I say the words “Adidas Superstar 2.0” what images come to mind?

Adidas_Memories{photo via sneakers.pair.com}

For me I see images similar to the one above….
memories and moments gone forever…
impossible to reproduce.

Or can they be reproduced?

Can I create new Superstar memories?

{LadyJ Style | Adidas Superstar 2.0 Sneakers}

The answer is a resounding yes because after a long and tedious search I’ve finally found, and am now courting “The” {new} Superstar 2.0 sneakers.
“What’s old is new” and I’m in love again!

Adidas Superstar 2.0_Camille_suit_PFW BARABA BUI by Facehunter
{Tortoiseshell Ventures | www.camilleovertherainbow.com}

Those iconic shell-toe shoes, once the shoe of choice for the NBA in the ’70’s…
are now the {new} shoe of choice for fashionistas all over the style globe…
and I’m head-over-heels crazy about them, and so are my feet!

IMG_4087_edited-1 copy_edited-1
{LadyJ Style | Club Monaco Naomi Blazer, Club Monaco Billington Pant,
J. Crew Goodwinn Purse,  Adidas Superstar 2.0}

And like Camille, one of my favourite ways to style my new Superstars
is with a great pair of cropped pants and a chic blazer…
it’s what I affectionately call my “Superstar 2.0 Suit”~

So what about you, are you creating new Superstar 2.0 memories for the first or second time?

Let’s chit chat…

These sneakers will let you get noticed whether on the streets, gym, or bar. – See more at: http://www.formengifts.com/adidas-superstar-2-0/#sthash.5PYPcqpc.dpuf

On the streets of Toronto…


IMG_3898Photo Credit: Janeen Joyce (aka LadyJ)

Currently in Toronto our weather feels more like early April than early May…
and many warm-blooded Canadians are still grabbing for their scarves as they walk out the door.

Jules’ scarf caught both my eye and my lens as it danced atop her neutral layers.

IMG_3886_edited-1Photo Credit: Janeen Joyce (aka LadyJ)

But it wasn’t until she stopped for a closer shot that I discovered a well hidden closet staple…
it was the very first fashion purchase she had made when she was a young girl…
and one that she’s continued to cherish over the years…
a vintage Roots backpack~

IMG_3884_edited-1Photo Credit: Janeen Joyce (aka LadyJ)

love this ‘real-life’ style moment?

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small white vinyl purses

‘Twas Easter-Sunday. The full-blossomed trees filled all the air with fragrance and with joy.
~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American Poet

Winter has lingered here in Canada so this Easter Sunday there are no full-blossomed trees to be found anywhere in Toronto!!
But during a stylish search through Google yesterday…
there were some full-blossomed memories found.

Easter purse_couture allure
{photo via coutureallure.com}

Memories of Easter Sunday’s past—when my sisters and I would be dressed alike in handmade Easter frocks, complete with itchy tulle underskirts…
new patent shoes and small white vinyl purses.


Easter Bag_girls white vinyl
{photo via Etsy.com}

But on this Easter Sunday you’ll be pleased to know that I’ve long traded in my small white vinyl bags from childhood for the larger, more grownup variety…
opting for Coach’s new, deliciously refined, “holey” silhouette this spring…
“with the breezy sophistication of “striped” perforated leather.

Coach_Bleeker Cooper Satchel_perforated leather{COACH Bleeker Cooper Satchel in Perforated Leather}

And  instead of going with the smaller, regular size satchel in parchment white…
I’ve taken the plunge for the larger, more roomier version in tan.

Coach_Bleeker Large Cooper Satchel_perforated leather{COACH Bleeker Large Cooper Satchel in Perforated Leather}

Incorporating a fresh, modern athletic piece into my Spring/Summer wardrobe, a key trend for spring 2014, that pairs effortlessly well with everything…
and bears no likeness to my once favourite small white vinyl purses~

What new bag are you carrying for Spring/Summer?

Let’s chit chat…

Sending out  warm + stylish Easter wishes to all…
filled with lots of fragrant Easter Sunday style~ xo


check coat…

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.
~ Coco Chanel

Sartorialist_women in Prada coat
{On The Street…. Boulevard des Italians, Paris | March 28, 2014}
{photo via The Sartorialist}

When I recently saw this photo taken by Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist
my heart leaped for joy as I stared at this uber-chic lady in her check coat.
The epitome of classy and fabulous; her  look is totally on point!!

Sporting a smartly knotted turban wrap, oversized sunnies, statement earrings and a bold red lip, her style made an instant impression on me and others…
Schuman has now collected 99 comments—one of his highest counts ever!

And what about her awesome blue and white gingham coat?!!
Remember it from Prada Fall RTW 2013?

{Prada | Fall 2013 RTW}

So now she’s got me thinking, thinking about another runway-worthy check coat…
only this one has a much more affordable price tag.

check coat_stylenanda #7_edited-1

 check coat_stylenanda #10_three looks_edited-1{STYLENANDA Small Check Coat | $115.38 USD}

And armed with the style inspiration from Schuman’s chic Parisian lady above…
I think I’ll try pairing it with a fun turban headband…

   check coat_Eugenia Kim turban headband_edited-1

{Eugina Kim “Natalia” Turban Headband | $118 USD}

a great pair of oversized sunnies and of course, a bold red lip?!!

check coat_kate Spade _Ziba sunglasses_edited-1check coat_mac-lipstick-lady-danger_edited-1{Kate Spade “Ziba” Sunglasses | $138 USD}
{MAC Lipstick in “Lady Danger” | $16 USD}

Spring 2014{Spring 2014 by fashionassist featuring Stylenanda check coat}

Seriously thinking about a runway-worthy check coat for spring?
Are you?

Inspired by Scott Schuman’s street style capture?

Let’s chit chat…